Adult Studio Art Classes

Beginner Basics of Printmaking Mondays 7-9

Learn to transfer sketches, carve and print your pieces on lino with water-based printing inks. Dabble in lovely colour palettes for simple designs. We’ll be hand-printing on Japanese paper with a Japanese bamboo barren to create these exquisite small art pieces.

The Art of Drawing Wednesdays 7-9

Enjoy the classic art of sketching/drawing with conte and graphite. We’ll explore techniques to create value, line, texture and perspective. Observational studies will be in both small and large formats. This class may occasionally meet at various locations to sketch outside plein-air.
All levels welcome.

Art of the Garden (One day or two day workshop)

Explore the bounty and subtleties of the garden through different mediums in this nature inspired workshop. We’ll be exploring botanical printing and monotype printing on fabric and paper with printing inks. Get started on your own nature journal using various drawing techniques. Finally we’ll create botanical cyanotype prints on paper and fabric right in the garden.

Abstract with Mixed Media

Unleash your creativity in this expressive free style class where we’ll create a series of abstract works incorporating various materials; paint, ink, charcoal, pastels and collage. We’ll explore basic colour theory as a foundation to build from.

Barrel Stave Wall Hanging with Origami and Mini-lights (Full day)

Create a unique wall feature using a recycled apple barrel stave, mini-lights and origami balloon boxes. Fold ten boxes that will fit over individual lights, secured with glue on the stave. Choose from a selection of high quality chiogami paper for your light design.